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The Gala Court - 2019

Our 80th Gala Day

Our 80th Gala Day  Queen Kate Straub being crowned by Mrs Karen Ritchie with Consort Calum MacFarlane standing by her side, We had Former Gala Queens joining us at the ceremony as well as special guests.

The Queen's Court

Kate Straub

80th Tranent Gala Queen

Calum McFarlane

80th Tranent Gala Consort


Kaydence Riley | Isla Archibald | Abbi Gordon | Kacey Rafferty | Abbie McFarlane


Jayden Douglas | Kian Thomas | Logan Kennie | Joe Fynan-Smith | Hayden Fisher

Flower Girls

Lulu Bella Grant | Kiera Redpath | Faith Louise Black | Amelia-Lily Russell | Ruby Mackie | Jenna Riddell

Page Boys

Riley Muir | Marcus Douglas | Peter McLelland | Theo Thomson | Oliver Bannerman | Aiden Hood


Evie Mackie | Nyla Ella Jane Carroll | Millie Hogg | Ava Stevenson | Chloe Martin | Lois Rae

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